Forensic Data Science

E3 Forensic Speech Science System (E3FS3)

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Selected Publications


– Technical report on design and implementation of software tools

– Data-collection protocols


– E3FS3 software components


– Descriptions and links to databases:

Standards, Guidelines, and SOPs


  • Morrison G.S., Enzinger E., Hughes V., Jessen M., Meuwly D., Neumann C., Planting S., Thompson W.C., van der Vloed D., Ypma R.J.F., Zhang C., Anonymous A., Anonymous B. (2021). Consensus on validation of forensic voice comparison. Science & Justice, 61, 229–309.

SOPs and related documents:

Library of Validation Studies

Project Team

Geoffrey Stewart Morrison

Phil Weber

Ewald Enzinger

– Culing Zhang

– Claudia Rosas

Joaquín González-Rodríguez

Daniel Ramos

Alicia Lozano-Díez

Beltrán Labrador-Serrano

Partner Organizations and Collaborators

– Chile

  • Policía de Investigaciones (PDI)

– Germany

  • Bundeskriminalamt (BKA)
    • Michael Jessen

– Netherlands

  • Netherlands Forensic Institute
    • David van der Vloed

– Sweden

  • National Forensic Centre (NFC)
    • Fanny Carlström-Plaza

– UK

  • Forensic Evaluation Ltd


  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
    • David Marks


Forensic voice comparison portal

– 2016–2019 Virtual Special Issue of Speech Communication:

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